Corporation Inc 2

Corporation Inc 2 is a flash game in which you are the owner of a push-button company. You have to hire people that push buttons on some computers and create an empire out of your corporation.

After you pick the difficulty level, you have to take a look at the tool bar and start building some offices. You can decide how many workers you want to hire and how large your company will be. Your budget is always displayed on the screen, along with other valuable pieces of information such as the salary of each employee and what you need to accomplish. Corporation Inc 2 is a point and click game, but the ultimate goal is to create a powerful company as fast as you can. Luckily, you can slow down or increase the speed of time. If some of your computers are not working, you can hire tech support. Your employees have certain needs and if you want to keep them happy, you will have to decorate the office and offer some extra facilities. This game can be quite complicated at first because you will truly feel like a business owner. You have to make everyone happy and you also need to make a profit.

Corporation Inc 2 is one of the best flash games around, simply because you feel like you're accomplishing something while playing it. If you know what your priorities are, your business will grow rapidly and you will finish your goals without any problems. If not, you will most likely have to start over.